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Chasing the Wagon

Life has been going well these days. Mostly because of my lovely boyfriend. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have someone who will put up with your neurotic insanity.  After almost two years, I can say with confidence that I’m not gonna scare him away any time soon because he likes me for me, and I like him for him. This is a lovely thought that makes me happy.

If there’s anything in my life that is causing me stress, it is not my adorable boyfriend.

The job is another thing. I need to find a new job. End of story. I am fully convinced that my job doesn't even want me to be happy with it and there’s nothing that it’s doing to change it’s current stress levels. So, just need to convince myself to put out the ol’ resumes again and see what I can dig up. My dream jobs would to work in a museum or a small bookstore (or the infamous be an Author)…but may still have to go through a few more IT jobs to get there.

But speaking of “being an Author” I’m trying once again to do: Cut Back on the Internet and Be Productive!

Otherwise known by Code Name: Dingo Ate My Internet.

First week went well.

Second week fell off the wagon.

Third week decided to sleep in a ditch instead of catch the wagon.

Now gonna try getting back onto the wagon to do more of:

  1. Reading (it’s relaxing and nice (mostly)!)

  2. Writing (it’s relaxing and nice (mostly)!)

  3. Drawing (it’s relaxing and nice!(mostly)!)

  4. Other (you know the drill!)

As per usual, this is not the first time that I’ve made such promises. One difference is I have someone in the apartment to guilt me if necessary if I request him to do so, so I should take advantage of that.

The job may suck, but may as making the best of the time I have off (even if that consists of four hours of Netflix viewing each night while I make myself sketch things…it would be better than Pointless Internet Poking).

Yes, this may be the same song, slightly different lyrics, but my muse is a sententious curious, and at least he’s persistent.