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I Need The Will Power of a Badger.

Unless I have amazing bout of inspiration tomorrow (which shall hopefully be used in making a good mockup for my final portfolio) I think this NaNoWriMo is dead before its fully passed the gate. I could always switch the story at the last second...but being behind by 5,000 words is a bit much to overcome. And I have lots to do...but I really want to write something...

You know. I'll see what I can do this Friday and Saturday. I might be able to figure out something. On certain Saturday mornings, I've been known to knock up the word count by 5,000 words.

The Job
I got the job that I interviewed for. Oddly enough, it seems that they were looking for someone who had a cheerful and upbeat personality, who was willing to work with others and so forth. It seems really surreal that I got the job actually. I was fully expecting to be plodding around clueless for a semester while I waited for grad school next fall...which I was not looking forward to.

The job itself is "Technology Assistant" and while it doesn't sound like my dream job...
A) I don't even know what my dream job is
B) Sounds like something fitted for my college learnings in Scientific and Technical Communications.

Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised in the long run. I'm nervous a bit, because...well... it's a job. And I've had jobs before... but this is a full-time job job.

So, I'll be moving away from my middle-of-nowhere city to the middle-of-nowhere Wyoming. Except its a lot closer to a big city and in driving distance from California.

Well, I guess that all that's left is to get the best grades I can in school and tie up all the loose ends to graduation. Which means I need to hunker down and get all projects done within a month. Which means, I hope, that you won't be seeing me around for a bit. Really. Sure, I might pop up on chats a bit. Perhaps a few pieces of art, perhaps some Twitters, but really...I need to hunker down. I'm at that point of "Holy Badgers...THE END IS NIGH! BACK TO THE DEPTHS WITH YE FOWL INTERWEB BEAST!"

I say this after wasting WAY TOO LONG today clicking without doing anything productive. Don't worry. There's really nothing much due tomorrow. You see, this semester is actually not that bad. Just seems bad at times because of my procrastination. ARGH.


Oh...and would peeps be interested in a Christmas card? I ought to start drawing one now.

And isn't that Reading Badger by kyrahlynn in my av awesome?

A Brief Interlude with Procrastination

Well, I best go off to the library and work on projects.

"Why do you need to do that? Couldn't you just stay at home and work on stuff?"

Ur...yes, but I think there's less distractions in the library.

"Dude, you bring your laptop. THERE'S JUST AS MANY DISTRACTIONS."

That might be true, but the atmosphere promotes productiveness. Anyway, I need to write some papers and such that are due on Tuesday.

"Why not do it on Monday?"

Because...it's Monday. This is Sunday.

"But you have the entire afternoon on Monday to work on stuff."

Yeah, but that's a shorter period of time that you might expect. Anyway, I have a tasklist of stuff I want to complete today so...

"Perhaps NaNoWriMo?"

If I have time, yeah, but first...

"Come on, you know you want to."

Maybe but I...

"How about just watch a few videos on YouTube, sketch a little bit, and have a nice quiet Sunday at home reading? Sounds like the proper way to enjoy a Sunday."

If I'd actually done this stuff on Saturday but...

"Sunday is the new Saturday, dude. In fact, look at what you're doing now. Just think of how nice it is to chat with me for a little while."


"Come on...come forth...just sit back and relax and..."

*bonk* What have I told you about chatting with procrastination! GET TO THE LIBRARY WITH YE!

Thanks, Ronts. *flees*

Sneaky little meme...

Alas, this is Saturday, and before I get to actually working on stuff (HA!) here is a meme taken from kyrahlynn, errant_evermore orangejulies, bootheel, julian_wilbury, nqn, and oly_rrr (bandwagon anyone?) I am most definately going to be asking random questions to these peeps (good excuse for procrastination! w00t!) and which ever other of these meme's I stumble upon.

"I figured if people were curious enough about my brain babies this could prove enlightening. It also helps develop characters and stories for myself. Don't be afraid to ask about something that bothers you either, like what the heck rewairs are, what is with those swarmy things, or even what my whole "pants" deal is. I will answer honestly because there is usually a reason behind everything I draw/write.

Ask me either a broad question (i.e 'what is the meaning behind this picture?', 'who is your cruelest character?', 'what story is this character from?', 'what is the worst/best thing that happens in your story?') or a specific question/request ('what does ___ come from?', 'why is ___ like that?') and I will answer you. Or you can ask meta- questions like 'what was the inspiration for creating ____?'"

Links for Reference:
devART gallery (the ArtSlam Pieces are good for the more obscure characters.)
Writing Journal - "Loose Ferrets"

Reflective Sunday

Another one of those quiet days where I consider that I ought to be doing something and yet it seems like the only thing I really want to do is sit in a corner and read or draw or write for a bit. I am trying to finish up Under the Bed before November comes. I think I shall try to tie it up by means of working on a few pages each day.

Who knows, perhaps I'll surprise myself by actually finishing it tonight...

There is various bothersome things that I need to be doing this next week:

Lo How Fall I Have Fallen Off The Productive TrainCollapse )

There are other things...I'm certain I shall remember later. So Sunday is Sunday. Mmm...thought I would have something more profound to say. Off to more important things. I'm going to call my Farmer Grandma and wish her happy birthday.

P.S. Do I know anyone in Duluth that I don't know of?
Fine Saturday so far. Still gloomy, but getting out and about. Another mascot endeavor. Bowling with families. How did I do? Let's just say I would suck in a game of Klingons vs. Furries. '

w00t! Reduced Shakespeare Company tonight!
Well, since I'm actually being productive today...shall try this meme...stolen from various...but conceived by adaorardor

Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.
Good 'gates I am not going on the Internet tomorrow for anything non-college related. And if I do, blast if I don't just limit it to an hour. Sure, the school year is quiet so far but that is no excuse for this amount of generally no will power when it comes to web use.

That being said, when I let myself on (if at all) tomorrow, this meme caught my eye on orangejulies and errant_evermore journals.

You are an amazing soul of contradictions, you know that?

I prefer enigma.

Ask me my Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! Anything goes. I'll post my answers in a new post (either later tonight or tomorrow). You can ask for more than one Top Five list if you want. I ain't picky.

Oh deer...

Really cannot begin to go over what happened this last weekend. The basics were that I went on an adventure to ArtStreet to the south and hung out with kyrahlynn in all matter of activities.

The other bit is about hitting the deer just an hour from home on the way back.

The problem lies that I'm altogether too sleepy to dicuss either in detail at the moment. But, I'll get the needed information out of the way.

A) The trip was totally made of win. :3

B) I'm fine. The driver's side of the car is whacked from where the deer literally ran into it so now I can't open the door. Got home safety and the car is drivable. The deer died instantly, I'm pretty certain. Parents were cool about it.

But that's all I have the energy for for now. More juicy details laaaaater.

Sleepy Chops

Ah, the fate of having a 5 am job. It isn't so much the early morn that is bothersome, but rather the "always feeling tired" bit because I'm not good at going to bed early. So I wonder if a longer nap in the afternoon would equalize this problem...or if it would just mess with me even more. Does anyone know how to stay up later and sneak in those hours of sleep elsewhere? Or should I just drag myself to bed at 9ish?

I debate the logic of posting this here. Sounds like something for a psychology or sleep problems forum... I miss morns when I can wake up naturally at 7 to 8.

Geo/Ronts Convo: Lingering August Thoughts

*whistles* I ought to say something about not updating my LJ...mmm...nah.

I love how you spin phrases like that.



Ah, well. Getting familiar with bachelor life and finding it oddly over-rated, if only for the fact that I'm just as productive as before. My mind at times makes these grandeous plans and scenery of what shall happen if a certain situation changes and that I'll make it work for the better to grand goals and adventures and buying a ferret as a pet.

Yeeeeeeeeah. Keep telling yourself that. I'm waiting for your sister's fish to die.

I hope that's not related to that Jack Aubrey Cookbook I saw you reading yesterday.

I can neither confirm nor deny.

Work is going well as you would expect. Janitorial is job that's a job that gets ye some money. Early morns, but also out by two. I evens out in the end.

And requires me to use the toaster to find creative ways to wake him up.

Not cool dude to rise to the smell of burning flesh. The nuttiness corrupted my nostrils.

The squirrel's tail was asking for it. I'm moving to the blender and bats tomarrow.

Anyhoo, I have grand adventures planned for at least three weekends in the next two months. Two of them being the first long road trips that I've ever taken alone. It shall require podcasts and musical interludes. Any recommendations welcome on either front.

Speaking of podcasts, Canon Mole Interludes keeps going forth. I think I shall make a habit of it and try and form a format for a writing/creative podcast based on the webzine w/ random interludes. I'll see how that works out...I need to do some research.

Instead of your method of poking a recording for ten minutes, yelling, then saying "I SHALL FEED IT TO THE BADGERS," proceeding to upload it half-baked. Why are you calling your audience badgers anyway?

It's a compliment. Also, need to get myself a studying for GRE and figure out what the heck my plans for After-College are. Jeeze. I should have delayed and switched majors or somethin'. I'm getting through this college thing quite fast. This is only complicated because my true interests seem to skitter for cover whenever I attempt to consider them.

I think a muse sucker is necessary.

A vaccum?

No, a lollypop. Cherry flavored.

Oooooh, that could help with my writing too...which is deplorable these days.

Only because you refuse to show it to anyone, fuzzbucket.

Truuuue...ah, breaks already over...I think this was a productive way to spend it.

Yep. Chattin' with a rusty character of questionable age.

Are you hinting towards your b'day that was...urm...August 7th...oooooh. Yer gonna hurt me soon, aren't you?

You'll never know until you know.

And I know I've read stuff like this from writers and artists tones of times...but its nice to have a retread. I need to improooove. So writers, read that you're not along in the struggle to have time.

Who's Mur?

'gates if I know. I just heard her pie stories on Drabblecast that one time...ooo, Drabblecast...