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Something Red, Something Blue, Something Fuzzy, Something New

Jottings of Geo Holms

Geo Holms
26 March 1987
I am a graduating senior high school student I'm a disillusioned college student I am a Northwoods creature transferred to Wyoming, who is still trying to make it through life.

Usually know as Geo Holms (and sometimes as Traxer), this fellow is know to drabble with stories that have odd beasties in them, whether they be mythological creatures or types of weasels, mostly with odd bouts of mental introspection.

He lives far in the depths of the Northwoods of the mainland US, seeking out a way to defeat the College Beastie He lives in the depths of Wyoming, flailing through work and attempting to capture his muse, a raccoon with a flatcap and vest, and his fuzzy dementor-like sidekick, Ronts, using heat-seeking missiles and peanut butter.

Geo is dynamically random, to be prodded at your own risk, for he shall babble about things with the words "fuzzy" and "snazzy" and other double z words. But he's a nice enough fellow with a wit that even a foxglove-addled lemming can't understand properly.


He is currently writer and artist of the webcomic, Loose Ferrets.